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This Wiki is to talk about the Nintendo character, Kirby. I hope you enjoy this!


Kirby is our Pink Puffball. If you like him, you can talk about him and write Fanfics and make your own Kirbys! Don't forget King DeDeDe and Meta Knight. Waddle Dees too!  I hope fellow Kirby fans can have fun on here.

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I want this wiki to be fun and enjoyable to Kirby fans. It allows fan art and fan fictions, but no plagarizing please! I would like a fair wiki. Please read the rules and help fix and edit.

KRtDL Kirby hi2


Your KirbysEdit

On this wiki, you can make up your own Kirbys, but please try not to make them super-duper powerful and all that. You can use them for your fanfics, but please ask if you want to use others'.

P.S. please do not ask to be Admins. If you are good, contribute in the wiki a lot, and follow rules, I may make you one ;)

Frowning_Kirby.png Kirbydreamlander101 22:38, April 26, 2013 (UTC)

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